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About Autonational

  “Autonational continuously distinguishes itself as Leading Innovator by realizing innovative production concepts and solutions”   The Autonational group offers nearly 40 years of innovative production automation solutions for manufacturing companies. We serve Fortune 1000 and FTSE 250 enterprises. Market leaders, including 6 of the Fortune 50 and more than 15 of the FTSE 250, use our services to maximize their production with most efficient output and lowest cost. We strive to minimize Total Cost of Ownership and maximize customer satisfaction. Our innovative solutions help customers worldwide to maintain the competitive edge!The Autonational Group consists of three divisions. Within these divisions we distinguish four specialized companies.  The close cooperation between our companies results in a highly flexible and versatile organization that can tailor to all your needs, from engineering to production.

Autonational: Added Value Through Customer Focus

Technological innovations in the industry are becoming increasingly complex, resulting often in reduced product lifecycle. As a result, the demand for innovation is increasing and is driving the need to find more innovative means of production. We add value through customer focus. Based on a strong partnership between our clients and Autonational, we design, build and deliver customized solutions in the field of manufacturing and production. Our solutions are characterized by: •    Innovative customization •    Value engineering •    Effectiveness •    Reliability •    Accuracy •    Energy efficiency

Filament Winding Equipment - Autonational Composites
Production Automation - Autonational Engineering


Project Management Approach

Each project is unique and each product has its own challenges. Our multi-disciplinary project management provides a structured, manageable and transparent approach in which we distinguish the following steps: •    Thorough analysis (identification & qualification) •    Concept engineering •    Detailed engineering •    Prototyping •    In-house production & assembly •    Factory acceptance test (FAT) •    Installation on-site & commissioning •    Site Acceptance Test (SAT) •    Machine documentation & service manuals The combined strength of our multi-disciplinary project team, consisting of mechanical & electrical engineers, software engineers, development, production and logistics specialists, ensures that all project disciplines add their specific value, resulting in first-class industrial products and custom-made solutions. In addition, we make sure that our project teams follow our own quality system to ensure that we can deliver reliable solutions to clients across the world. Within our projects we focus also on supply chain managment in order to monitor all supply chain activities with the objective of creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure and synchronizing supply with demand.

Production Automation - Autonational Engineering
Production Automation - Autonational Engineering

Brief History

After its founding in 1977, Autonational started with automated production of glass reinforced tubes. This was so successful that the company grew steadily. Subsequently, production machinery for food (including dairy), tobacco production and became essential complementary activities. Over the years, this resulted in a large variety of automation issues in various markets. The company currently makes a growth in high tech markets. At present, approximately 50 employees are employed by the Autonational Group. In 2004 the company came into the hands of this present management.

Research & Development

Complex automation cases require in-depth Research & Development. Autonational is highly experienced in performing research and development to solve even the most challenging cases.

Service & After Sales

We develop our high-tech and complex production lines to operate with a minimum of external service. We provide training for your (service) engineers to maintain your up-time. We supply all our machines with a comprehensive service manual, including a spare parts list. In case of emergencies we offer 24/7 standby support, including remote diagnostics, and on-site service.

Quality System

Service and quality are of prime importance within our company. The systems to ensure quality have been set up and followed from the early start of the company.  All employees have been part of setting up the systems and everybody is aware of and using the appropriate procedures, as required by the Quality Management System, assured by Veritas, following the NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008 standard. These standards assure our clients of a consistent approach. Since 1998 it is a legal requirement in the Netherlands that electrical work and hand tools need to be inspected as per standard NEN 3140. Autonational employs five 5 inspectors who may perform according to the NEN 3140, independent inspections of electrical equipment and electrical fixed (400V) machines, both internally and on site at the client. Actual quality certificates can be found here.

STERKIN Qualification - Autonational Group ISO 9001-2008 Qualification - Autonational Group NEN Tooling Qualification - Autonational Group

Corporate Vision

The long-term safeguarding of financial independence of Autonational as privately owned company by / as well as being the main partner of leading producing parties, in which automated composites production and dedicated project engineering (in a variety of industries with speciality on Medical Pharma) are the focus Industry. This can only be realised by knowing defined focus industries as insider, and to add significant value based on customer intimacy, by providing innovative products and services.

Corporate Mission

Autonational aims to confirm its position as Leading Innovator within the Industrial automation market as (special) machine builder and to continuously distinguish itself by realizing innovative production concepts and solutions. By generating the lowest integral cost price per product, Autonational wants to make a significant contribution to the competitive capacity of its principals, with the purpose of achieving mutual success.

Core Value

To stimulate the visibility of its own identity, Autonational chooses to summarize its corporate vision and mission in operational communication and to use it as a core value. The core value of Autonational is formulated as follows: “Autonational continuously distinguishes itself as Leading Innovator by realizing innovative production concepts and solutions.”