Within the Autonational Group and part of Autonational Engineering, we operate Autonational Medical, which specializes in production and handling equipment for the medical industry, including medical supplies, medical devices and pharmaceutical products. An example is automated checking of medication bags.


The medical market is always looking for innovations and improvements of both the services and the medical product range. Because of these technological innovations, products and processes get more complex. The development time of a product and time-to-market is becoming shorter. Also the life cycle of the products is much shorter than before. Therefore the new medical products require new modern production techniques.


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We combine our knowledge and experience of engineering with your medical product know-how creating the most appropriate solution for the (mass) production of your product.


Does your medical product meets the appropriate criteria, has it passed the necessary clinical trials and are you ready for the (mass) production of your product? Than we can support you by developing the appropriate medical production equipment. With our knowledge of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), we can advise you about streamlining and automating your production processes to maximize cost-efficiency and design flexibility.
Autonational Medical delivers to suppliers of healthcare, innovative services and high quality production machines and production lines for the manufacturing of medical products and medical disposables. We design and supply production equipment to medical manufacturers with the flexibility necessary to produce their medical products. This saves time for you to focus on your core business and customers (patients and their caregivers) and their real needs, requirements and expectations.


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For nearly 40 years, Autonational Engineering is a full service development partner for all your turn-key automation needs and special machinery. Based on strong partnerships with our clients, we design, build and deliver a customized solution for every manufacturing and production challenge.

Our very experienced engineers have a strong passion for technology and innovation. This successful mixture makes Autonational Medical a competent development partner that delivers the best technical solution with the lowest possible total cost of ownership to help you improve your competitiveness. We cooperate in every step of the design process, from feasibility study and concept design/prototype to turn-key delivery. In addition, we design, integrate and supply vital test and rework/machining equipment.

Due to the innovative and thus confidential nature of our projects, Autonational Medical is used to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Therefore we cannot share comprehensive information about our complete project portfolio. Instead, we offer you a selection of project examples. Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your project case!