Innovative special machinery and production line engineering are Autonational Engineering’s main competences. Autonational Engineering has participated in a some scientific projects:

This project started as a new and innovative effort to force a breakthrough in sensitivity for astronomical observations at radio-frequencies below 250 MHz. Autonational Engineering developed an innovative antenna design which allows the integration of 16 radio telescope antennas. This has allowed the low cost production of Europe’s most modern radio telescope. In addition to providing the design, Autonational was also responsible for transporting and installing the antenna clusters at various locations in the Netherlands, Germany, England, France, Sweden and Finland. Learn more at See also the movie on our youtube channel.


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The Maritime Research Institute Netherlands is one of the leading institutes in the world for hydrodynamic research and maritime technology. Autonational Engineering has designed a high-tech tow system to operate in a pressure-free 240 meter long and 18 meter wide towing tank. The unit is equipped with a pressurized cabin for special test equipment and can accelerate noise-free at 0.4 m/s2 up to 6 m/s. The tow offers facilities for doing scale tests with or without waves and for performing audio measurements.
Autonational also designed the wave absorbers in the depressurized towing tank (240 x 18 x 8 m) in which scale models of ships and oil rigs are tested. These absorbers are able to mute the generated waves in Marin’s test basin. The generated data gives a reliable prediction of how the test objects will perform when scaled up to full size. Learn more at See also the movie on our youtube chanel.


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For nearly 40 years, Autonational Engineering is a full service development partner for all your turn-key automation needs and special projects. Based on strong partnerships with our clients, we design, build and deliver a customized solution for every manufacturing and production challenge.

Our very experienced engineers have a strong passion for technology and innovation. This successful mixture makes Autonational Engineering a competent development partner that delivers the best technical solution with the lowest possible total cost of ownership to help you improve your competitiveness. We cooperate in every step of the design process, from feasibility study and concept design/prototype to turn-key delivery. In addition, we design, integrate and supply vital test and rework/machining equipment.

Due to the innovative and thus confidential nature of our projects, Autonational Engineering is used to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Therefore we cannot share comprehensive information about our complete project portfolio. Instead, we offer you a selection of project examples. Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your project case!