Straight layer equipment and other special tobacco machinery are Autonational Engineering’s main competences.
For a period of over 30 years Autonational Engineering is active as a supplier of machines and technology for the tobacco industry, mainly in tobacco primary processing equipment for roll-your-own tobacco. This includes new machinery, rebuild, overhaul and improvements of existing machinery.
Autonational has done many projects in transportation and distribution of tobacco leaves, alignment of tobacco leaves and dosing and handling of cut tobacco in bins.


Autonational Engineering is very experienced in the stretching of tobacco leaves. Our portfolio covers custom-made tobacco straight layer equipment, including handling and test equipment. Within a tobacco production line, a cutter machine is placed in front of a stretching or straight layer machine. This cutter has multiple settings (drum speed, cutting width, opening and sometimes the number of knives). This variety in cutter settings results in a wide range of throughput. The straight layer machine has just one variable or setting: the running speed and this is set by the preliminary cutter. The straight layer follows the speed of the cutter, therefore a straight layer machine has a narrow range on capacities and in fact a fixed output (kg/m). The only way to adapt the straight layer to other capacities is to change dimensions (and sometimes also design). The dimensions depend on capacity, cutter mouth height & width and possible speed variations the cutter can offer.
Another specialty is the weighing of tobacco. Please contact us for more information.


autonational tobacco markt 2 300x225autonational tobacco markt 2 300x225autonational tobacco markt 2 300x225


Over the years Autonational Engineering has gained much know-how in constructing and improving RYO tobacco packing lines. Autonational Engineering can use her experience to offer renovation and updating of various types of machines to increase production output. See also the movie on our youtube channel.


autonational dpe tobacco packing weighing 3 300x200autonational dpe tobacco packing weighing 3 300x200autonational dpe tobacco packing weighing 3 300x200


For nearly 40 years, Autonational Engineering is a full service development partner for all your turn-key automation needs and special machinery. Based on strong partnerships with our clients, we design, build and deliver a customized solution for every manufacturing and production challenge.

Our very experienced engineers have a strong passion for technology and innovation. This successful mixture makes Autonational Engineering a competent development partner that delivers the best technical solution with the lowest possible total cost of ownership to help you improve your competitiveness. We cooperate in every step of the design process, from feasibility study and concept design/prototype to turn-key delivery. In addition, we design, integrate and supply vital test and rework/machining equipment.

Due to the innovative and thus confidential nature of our projects, Autonational Engineering is used to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Therefore we cannot share comprehensive information about our complete project portfolio. Instead, we offer you a selection of project examples. Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your project case!