A continuous filament winding machine (CFW Machine / CW Machine) is a machine for laying filament windings continuously over a cylindrical steel band.  The steel band is carried on a forward moving mandrel which is able to collapse and return to the beginning of the travel. The steel band is released after the mandrel collapses and is continuously fed back to the start of the travel where it is again wound on to the mandrel (source: Wikipedia).

Our Continuous Glass fibre Reinforced Polyester (CFRP or CGRP) winding technology specifically has proven over the years to deliver cost effective products of consistent quality at the high output rates that today’s markets require. Autonational Composites has improved the performance of continuous filament winding equipment, on all of these aspects, with a number of developments, including a revolutionary improved mandrel strip transport system. The options to have a fully automated and integrated GRP pipe production plant, and the user-friendly operation of our equipment, again highlight our efforts to increase output and decrease the costs per manufactured pipe.


Continuous winding
Continuous winding
Continuous winding

Autonational Composites has developed the latest generation of continuous filament winding machines for production of Continuous Glass fiber Reinforced Polyester (CFRP or CGRP). Product diameters vary from 300 to 4000 mm. This new generation of filament winders has significant advantages compared to the previous generation of continuous winding systems:

  • Innovative mandrel transport system, improving the lifespan of the mandrel, resulting in a much higher up-time.
  • New mandrel diameter exchange system
  • Accessibility from all working platforms
  • Exact and constant process control with a user friendly interface
  • Free floor space underneath the winding system, preventing the accumulation of materials and risk of fire.

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