Autonational Composites has developed several systems to separate the product from the mandrel. Autonational Composites has a program of extractors available which suits most common applications, with respect to mandrel diameter (cylindrical/conical), extraction & brake force, extraction position(s), etc.


Semi-automatic or fully automated mandrel extraction

mandrel extraction machinery 1mandrel extraction machinery 1mandrel extraction machinery 1

Autonational Composites supplies highly flexible extraction machines to dedicated extractors developed for specific mandrel & product designs. Product release can be done semi-automatic with manual control or completely automated, being part of automated production line. Systems can be equipped with electrical, pneumatical and hydraulic systems or combinations in order to reach the requested extraction force.

Autonational Composites can advise you regarding the laminate build-up from both product design perspective and process requirements (extracting force). Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your challenge!


In case shrinking polyesters or extreme fiber tension will be applied, the mandrel design may be adapted to that (collapsible or stretch relieve design).

mandrel extractor 1mandrel extractor 1mandrel extractor 1