Most filament wound product should be further processed after winding. Further processing ranges from cutting to size, surface treatment to drilling & milling operations. Composite re-work & finishing during (automated) production demand often precisely machining and control of predetermined measurements and tolerances.


Also adding extra components to the product can be a next manufacturing step. Autonational Composites supplies all necessary machinery for these operations. Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your challenge!


Cutting machines

Autonational Composites supplies a broad range of cutting or saw machinery equipped for cutting small and large products. Our machines use a diamond saw and can cut the pipe product to any desired length. The saw machines can use a vacuum or wet system for the removal of the waste material. Cutting small composite pipe products requires extensive knowledge of the composition of the product. Often, great precision is required for an undamaged cut. The saw machines can be operated (semi)automated in an on-line/off-line configuration or can be integrated in an in-line automated production line.


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calibration machinery ccalibration machinery ccalibration machinery c


Calibration & Chamfer grinding machinery

Calibration and chamfering of the outer and inner surface of a filament wound product is required when coupling pipes, adding flanges to a product or simply to achieve an aesthetic surface. We recognize functionality for inside grinding for grooves & chamfers and an outside grinding for diameter calibration (& chamfers.)
Both types of machinery are able to perform very accurate machining operations; they grind with diamond coated tools tailor made to customer specifications.




Autonational Composites has developed CNC controlled machines specifically for the purpose of lathing, grinding or sanding the ends of composite pipe products. These machines are able to perform very accurate machining operations in order to meet the specifications of the client.


calibration machinery 3calibration machinery 3calibration machinery 3


Sanding machinery

In some manufacturing processes additional surface treatment for technical or aesthetic reasons.
We offer sanding machinery which can be equipped with tailor made tools as per customers specifications. Our machines make use of specially selected sanding belts, resulting in the required (polished) outer surface of the final product.




Drilling & Milling machines

Drilling & milling of (slotted) holes can be necessary when coupling pipes, adding flanges or to couple the product to another part. Autonational Composites has developed CNC controlled lathes specifically for the purpose of drilling & milling into composite pipe products. These lathes are able to perform very accurate machining operations so that all the possible holes can be realized with great accuracy.


drilling 3drilling 3drilling 3


Spray booths

A spray booth is designed to provide the wound product with an extra layer, like UV resistant coating, paint, etc. A pray booth is often located before a (second) curing oven, because most coatings require curing.

A spray booth consists of a steel portal construction with an XYZ manipulator attached, including a spray installation (gun). The system is equipped with mixing & dosing system and IBC Barrels for storage of the components applied.

The spraying system will operate sem-automatic of fully automatic once the system is turned on by the operator. Depending on the pot life of the material and the production time the system must be shut off by the operator. The operator must also demount the spray gun, clean and flush the system if the down time of the installation exceeds the pot life of the used materials.


spraybooth 3spraybooth 3spraybooth 3


Composite Coupling stations

In GRE/GRP piping applications, Autonational Composites supplies coupling stations, particularly suitable for the precise fitting of heavier couplings on larger pipe products. These machines aree are able to design a suitable machine for your specific requirements.


coupling station 3coupling station 3coupling station 3