Autonational Composites delivers 3 designs of modular creels, a mechanically controlled bookshelf creel and pallet creel for all round applications and an electronically controlled servo creel intended for high-end manufacturing applications. Our creels can be customized to your specifications and can be used for wet winding, dry winding and tow preg winding.


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Fibers needed for the reinforcement of composite products are to be handled with great care. A combination of break detection, ceramic eyes and a variety of options to control the wire tension ensures reliable supply of the material to the winding machine. Mutual contact between the wire material is minimized in order to prevent pollution and breakage. Our systems are easy to use and works in such a way that large numbers of wires can be positioned without the risk of making mistakes.


Transport systems for transport of the roving from the bobbin (creel) to the mandrel are designed to minimise the risk of fibre damage. Our winders are provided with a standard fiber delivery tool that guides impregnated roving or tape to the mandrel.


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Bookshelf Creel

This statical mechanical controlled fiber storage & tensioning system is suitable for low tension applications in combination with glass fiber. The bobbins are placed onto shelves and use the pull-out principle.



  • Up to 128 fibers
  • Mechanically controlled tensioning
  • Fiber tension 2N < X < 20N
  • High production speed




Pallet Creel

Our standard pallet creels are based on 12-16 tows. The statical mechanical tensioning system is suitable for low-tension applications in combination with glass fiber. The bobbins are left on the pallet and use the pull-out principle. Multiple pallet creels can be combined to process more fibers. “Push through” of new pallets with fibers behind the creel reduces down time.



  • Up to 12-16 fibers
  • Mechanically controlled tensioning
  • Fiber tension 2N < X < 20N


pallet creel 1pallet creel 3pallet creel 3


Servo Creel

This mechanically centered shaft creel including electronic controlled tensioning system is suitable for high end applications in for example aerospace and automotive industry. Our systems are suitable for winding with carbon or glass fibers in combination with high & accurate tensioning. The bobbins are placed horizontally and the roving is unwound from the outside, resulting in untwisted fibers.



  • Up to 32 fibers when using a pitch of 7,5 mm fiber combs, <=2400 TEX (glas fiber) and <=24k (carbon fiber)
  • Standard configurations allow a fiber tension of 10N < X < 45N
  • Optional fiber tensions up to 100N (depending on bobbin diameter & weight)
  • High accuracy
  • Modular design, based on 8-fold or 4-fold units
  • Fiber exit on left/right side or perpendicular to creel cabinet
  • Detection of fiber breakage, empty bobbins and “almost empty” status
  • Multiple bobbin fixation & quick release configurations
    • metal core, pneumatic clamping
    • plastic core, spring clamping
    • core less, pneumatic clamping