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Filament winding machines & production lines


Filament winding machines & filament winding production lines are our core business. Autonational Composites has 40 years of experience in filament winding processes for high volume production but also for low volumes that require high accuracy and reproducibility. Our engineers are experts in this field and can help with any manufacturing challenge you may have. Any filament winding process can be integrated, automated, expanded and upgraded by Autonational Composites! Autonational Composites uses existing technologies and we invent what does not exist. We focus on the markets: Aerospace, Automotive, Industry and Infrastructure

Filament winding - complex geometry - Autonational Composites
Filament winding - curing systems - Autonational Composites
Filament winding - large diameter tanks - Autonational Composites

Standard filament winding machines

Our range of standard filament winder machines can be operated stand-alone but are also prepared for integration in a semi-automatic or automated filament winding production line. We offer machines with full functionality and a wide range of options. Every standard winder can be provided with dedicated add-ons as per your specific production challenge. We supply solutions based on our standard filament winding machines which we can customize to your specifications or we develop a dedicated filament winder to your production needs. Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your challenge! Filament wound product examples include tanks, (pressure) vessels, tubes, pipes, drive shafts, prop shafts, cones, slide bearings and all other cylindrical shapes.

Filament winder AMD SW 1500 - Autonational Composites
Filament winder AMD SW 1500 and electronic creel - Autonational Composites
Filament winder AMD SW 3000 - Autonational Composites

Filament Winding Production Lines

We offer complete (semi-)automatic production lines, including filament winders, (tensioned) creel, resin tray & resin farm, mandrels & tooling, extractor, continuous or box curing oven, cutting/drilling/milling station, test systems and logistic conveyor systems. Below you can see some examples of filament winding production line concepts.

Filament winder AMD SW 1500 - Autonational Composites
Filament winder AMD SW 1500 and electronic creel - Autonational Composites
Filament winder AMD SW 3000 - Autonational Composites

Production Line Automation

Main benefits of automation are increasing output, efficiency, quality, reliability and reproducibility. These are critical issues to reduce costs and increase your competitivity. If you consider automation, then we can offer winder cut & restart systems, mandrel & product warehouses, monorail units, test machinery, manipulators and of course system integration & overall programming greatly depending on production output, redundancy and degree of automation.

Experience in Filament Winding

During its 40 years of experience, Autonational Composites has increasingly specialized itself in automating filament winding production processes. Autonational Composites has supplied the worlds’ larger tube producers with filament winding machine solutions for various markets. Examples are fully automated production lines and complete factories for the production of Glass-fiber Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) and Glass-fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) pipes. One of our specialties is Continuous Filament Winding machines for polyester pipe production (CFW). Our winding technology has been designed to wind non-cylindrical or asymmetric composite products as well. Product diameters vary from 10 to 11000 mm.

Autonational Continuous Winding Technology

Our Continuous Glass fibre Reinforced Polyester (CFRP or CGRP) winding technology specifically has proven over the years to deliver cost effective products of consistent quality at the high output rates that today’s markets require. Autonational has improved the performance of continuous filament winding equipment, on all of these aspects, with a number of developments, including a revolutionary mandrel strip transport system. The options to have a fully automated and integrated GRP pipe production plant, and the user-friendly operation of our equipment, again highlight our efforts to increase output and decrease the costs per manufactured pipe.

Filament winding - continuous production winding systems - Autonational Composites
Filament winding - continuous production winding systems - Autonational Composites
Filament winding - continuous production winding systems - Autonational Composites

High-End Composite Components

In recent years Autonational Composites has focused also on high-end products, e.g. high specification composites components for aerospace, automotive and the petrochemical industry. Examples of these products are multi-layer composite bearings, fuel pipes, drive shafts, special couplings, etc. We are able to upscale & improve production capacity, efficiency (e.g. reduction of scrap), reliability and reproducibility and we offer advanced solutions for resin mixing and dosing, Track & Trace (e.g. RFID), and handling of materials.

Autonational Composites has developed special molds to produce high-end complex shaped structural profiles and beams, suitable for serial production of thermoplastic prepreg composite products by use of Autoclave molding. Furthermore, Autonational Composites has developed production line concepts for semi-automated serial production of high-specification structural profiles and beams made of (thermoplastic) prepreg composite materials.


Renovation, Expansion & Optimization of Existing Equipment

Autonational Composites has also extensive experience in updating existing filament winding machines / production lines. In some cases, it is more interesting to renovate than to provide new. Often feasibility studies may reveal the possibilities.


Turn-Key delevery of filament winding production lines and machines

Autonational Composites offers in-house assembly and machining facilities, installation & commissioning, and turn-key delivery on-site anywhere in the world. This results a true one-stop-shop concept for all your composite automation solutions and special machinery.


Innovative Development Partner

As an innovative development partner, we cooperate in every step of the design process, from feasibility study and concept/prototyping to turn-key delivery. We offer you the best technical solution with the lowest total cost of ownership. In addition, we design, integrate and supply vital test and re-work equipment with advanced Track & Trace options. Autonational Composites uses 3D simulation technologies to visualize your machinery and production line. This can be an important support in the different phases of your project. Read more


Multi-Disciplinary Project Teams

Autonational Composites employs talented and experienced engineers from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds who are part of dedicated multi-disciplinary project teams. This allows Autonational Composites to be flexible and versatile in implementing new and diverse technologies into the best possible solution. read more



We form partnerships with innovative players in the composite industry, for example:


Projects & Confidentiality

Due to the innovative and thus confidential nature of our projects, Autonational Composites is used to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Therefore we cannot share comprehensive information about our complete project portfolio. Instead, we offer you a selection of examples. Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your project case!

To give you an idea of our competences and capabilities, please find here some (non-confidential) project references.


Technologies & Competences

Autonational Composites offers custom equipment and machinery for a wide variety of applications, that comply with international regulations. The equipment can be automated to any degree desired and with any technology required. Autonational Composites is competent in various fields of technology and can incorporate, if need be, the latest technologies into its automation solutions. We supply solutions based on our standard modular equipment which we customize to your specifications if required. Our competencies and technologies are: Composite Production Consultancy, Filament Winders, Processing Equipment, Process Knowledge, Resin & Fiber Handling, Curing Systems, Mandrels, Handling & Storage, Calibration Equipment, Track & Trace Equipment, Test Systems, Automated tape layup production line concepts and Autoclave molds for (thermoplastic) prepregs. A complete overview of all our technologies & competences can be found here


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