pdfFlyer - Integrated Solutions in Filament Winding
Information about the integration, customization, expansion, automation and upgrade solutions of Autonational. For high volume filament winding production process but also for lower volumes that require a high accuracy and reproducibility. The document also describes solutions for upscaling, efficiency improvement (e.g. reduction of scrap), reliability and reproducibility improvement and advanced solutions for resin mixing & dosing, Track & Trace (e.g. RFID) integration.

pdfAutomated production lines for composite utility poles

A leaflet which describes Autonational Composites turn key fully automated pole (segment) production lines and individual filament winding machines for pole production. 


pdfFlyer - Advanced production automation solutions
Autonational Engineering is a full service development partner for all your turn-key automation needs, (stand-alone) special machinery, custom-made production lines, sub-assemblies and system integration.


pdfModular standard winding equipment

A leaflet presenting the Autonational range of standard modular winders. The Autonational standard winders can be operated stand-alone can also be integrated in a semi-automatic or automatic composite production line.

pdfFlyer – Creel & Tensioning Program
A leaflet about the creel & tensioning program with a range of modular creels, from cost effective (high volume glass fiber) bookshelf to sophisticated electronic tensioned configurations. 

pdfFlyer – Resin Impregnation Systems
A leaflet describing the Autonational solution for resin impregnation. With multiple types of impregnation systems for wide range of fibers. Depending on the application Autonational can supply drum type or a dip type impregnation systems.