Filament winding machines for complex shapes en specific needs

Autonational Composites has developed many different filament winding machines specially dedicated to your production specification. These filament winders are in fact adjusted standard winders or new developed configurations consisting of modular components. Below you can find some typical examples varying from filament winders for fuel lines (Aerospace) to special tanks (Industry).

Dedicated winder
Dedicated winder
Dedicated winder

Filament winding machines based on cantilever principle

Autonational developed and supplied filament winding production lines for manufacturing tanks based on the cantilever principle and also semi-automatic and automatic production of complex geometrical shaped parts, like cones, specific tanks, elbows and t-joint shaped products. Below you can see an example of a cantilever tank filament winder, a customized teach-in robot systems and an automated concept for complex products. See also the movie on our youtube channel (elbow winding).

Dedicated winder
Dedicated winder
Dedicated winder

Special designed winders based on complex geometry

Autonational Composites winding technology has been designed for winding of non-cylindrical or asymmetric composite products including advanced monitoring systems, with the appropriate – adjustable – parameters being displayed. We are able to assist you with developing and supply of production equipment for complex shaped products. We propose you a standard system or we develop the most cost effective filament winding machine to fulfil your requirements!

Retrofits, Expansion & Optimization of Existing Equipment

Autonational Composites has also extensive experience in updating existing filament winding machinery / production lines. In some cases, it is more interesting to renovate than to provide new. Often feasibility studies may reveal the possibilities.


Resin bath

Resin impregnation systems

Multiple types of impregnation systems for a large variety of fibers. Depending on the application chosen, we can supply a drum type or a dip type impregnation system.

Adv. production automation solutions

Creel & tensioning systems

A range of modular creels, from cost effective (high volume glass fiber) bookshelf to sophisticated electronic tensioned configurations.

Adv. production automation solutions

Mandrels & tooling

Autonational Composites is specialized in design and production of mandrels and tooling. We have a long experience in the design of all kinds of mandrels.


Our filament winding machinery is compatible with almost all advanced off-line software programming tools for designing and modelling complex filament wound designs. Basically, it is possible to program freely on the machine or import your existing winding patterns, but most of our clients choose to work with their own (off-line) software or those of external specialists.


We offer complete (semi-automated) production lines, including filament winders, creels, resin tray & resin farm, mandrels & tooling, extractor, curing oven, cutting/drilling/milling station and test systems. By adding logistics, like transportation systems, monorails, manipulators, but also system integration and overall programming,  you can realize a fully automated production line.


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