Fibre placement onto the mandrel requires a fit for purpose tooling. Delivery tools are available for fibers, pre-pregs, veil, wrapping tape, etc. We provide standard tools for the most common applications. However, the customer can provide specific specifications serving the production process, which is usually subject to an NDA and can be part of the customer's IP.  We can supply additional equipment like wipers for excess resin or resin supply systems. Other examples are ultra–sonic welding for thermoplastic tapes and tension controlled winding shafts for tape or pre-pregs.


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Most of the time the product is wound on a mandrel. A mandrel is used as a temporarily mold inside the composite part. This can be an available mandrel or designed, built and delivered for the application. For automated lines the mandrel design is important to ensure error free handling. For complex shapes collapsible mandrels can be designed to customer specifications. Autonational Composites has experience in designing the optimum mandrel solution and we are able to produce/ assemble mandrels in-house. Within a filament winding production line, the mandrel and it’s handling & storage is a an important factor that can significantly affect the efficiency of the line.


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The design of the mandrel contributes strongly to successful production, so therefore it is almost always subject to client’s business secret. Therefore we cannot share comprehensive information about our complete project portfolio. Autonational Composites developed many different mandrel extraction (automation) concepts including tools to release the mandrel from the product.

To give you an idea of our range of possibilities: we process mandrel diameters from 10 mm to approx. 4000 mm. Also complex shaped product mandrels are part of our portfolio! Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your project case!

The right mandrels are essential in the production of composite products. Autonational has a broad knowledge base when it comes to providing the right mandrel for the right application. Elements that determine the choice are: accuracy, drive, speed, size (including dimensions and weight), shape, material and release possibilities.


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Being part of a production line we can also supply mandrel preparation equipment , mandrel transportation systems and storage facilities. More information can be found at composite filament winding production lines.



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