Within the energy market Autonational offers filament winding machines & complete production lines for relative new applications in transportation of energy and storage of (renewable) energy.


Filament winding machines for utility poles and masts

Autonational Composites supplies complete production lines for efficient manufacturing of composite utility poles. These poles are used for a variety of markets such as transmission and distribution of utilities, communication towers and antenna’s, street and road lightings, etc.


Although, more expensive then its competing alternatives, the use of composite poles is growing because of their major advantages, like low installation cost in remote area’s, high resistancy to corrosion, rot, decay and other environmental impacts and composite poles show a long life and minimum maintenance cost.


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Advanced composite components for energy storage

Autonational is involved with projects for storage of energy by using fly-wheels. Energy that is generated by solar plants in rural area’s. Also power supply to remote sites: telecommunications antennas, housing, etc can be can delivered by energy storage systems based on fly wheels.