Composite shafts & struds like drive shafts, prop shafts, actuator shafts, control rods, struts, etc, are ideal products for production by a filament winder or filament winding machinery. These products are typically made with carbon fiber combined with a expoxy based resin (matrix). Applications can be found mainly in Automotive & Aerospace.


During its 40-year history, Autonational Composites has supplied the worlds’ larger producers with filament winding machines for many industrial applications in a great variety of markets.


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What is filament winding?

Filament winding is a regular applied production method to manufacture composite piping and tanks. In the filament winding process fibers or roving are impregnated with resin and then pulled over a rotating mandrel (mould). Filament winding consists of winding resin impregnated fibers. The method provides the greatest control over fiber placement and uniformity of structure.


Filament winder & production lines

Autonational Composites offers a range of standard modular winders, based on a robust industrial platform, both hardware and controls. Our standard winders can be operated stand-alone but are also prepared for integration in a semi-automatic or automated composite production lines including curing, extraction and additional operations line cutting, shaving, sanding, drilling, milling, test equipment, etc.

Autonational Composites has also developed many different filament winders specially dedicated to your production specification. These filament winders are in fact adjusted standard winders or new developed configurations consisting of modular components. Dedicated winders are often used in very specific situations such as complex shaped composite parts combined with very large volumes or extreme accuracy.