How can your company improve its production with Autonational new high class developed CNC-machining centres?

Autonational Group is proud to introduce our new high class custom machining centres into its portfolio of advanced composite machinery.



Composite products are placed into a machining centre. These versatile CNC-controlled stations feature a (customisable) 15-tool magazine, which will be filled up with all the tools required for the products final shape and form. The process is initiated and the machining operations are executed.

The machines functions and tools can include the following, but are not limited to: Flattening mill heads, hole milling, hole drilling, chamfering, filleting, recessing, thread tapping.

Benefits of a fully automated machine tooling centre:

Customised to meet your product requirements, these versatile CNC-stations come at a reasonable price. Being based on our filament winder designs, these centres fit right into your automated production line. Using the same parts, simplifying your spare parts and maintenance management system.

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Jetze Waltje and Wietse Kootstra win first edition of Autonational Dragons Den !


Most creative ideas are often born during times of crisis.


The winning pitch of Jetze and Wietse for setting up a software consulting department in the field of CNC (PLC) control systems proves this statement. The consultancy service covers a need for active support with software control issues. In this way, production companies can take maximum advantage of the unique knowledge and experience that has been built up within Autonational in this field of expertise.


For information please contact Jetze Waltje ()


Proud winners of Autonational Dragons ’s Den Wietse Kootstra and Jetze Waltje

Each year we participate in a number of events & exhibitions. This is the perfect occasion to meet with us and discuss your production challenges.


Due to Worldwide Covid-19 regulations, all physical appearances at 2020 exhibitions have been canceled. In some cases, the exhibition will be digitalized.

With the help of funding by the European Union, we were able to develop our prototype AMD SW-800. This machine functions as our Research & Development Center and is perfect for testing efficiency, product energy usage and making test filament wound products.